About Us

Aver by definition means to assert with confidence; to declare positively. As part of my mission, I wanted to make sure that while selling my clothes I was also promoting a cause. 

Self-love is the act of valuing your personal well-being and overall happiness. Self-love is an acceptance of unconditional support and caring for yourself. Acts of self-love come directly from our willingness to meet our personal needs. Needs as simple as making food when we aren't in the mood for it. Unbounded low self-esteem can lead to mental health issues. There have been clear links found between the way we feel about ourselves and the overall cost to our well-being. When our self-esteem is low, it can lead to self-destructive decisions and behaviors. 

Self-love is a constant practice. My vision for Aver is to create and sell clothing that YOU can be comfortable and confident in, to radiate positivity around yourself and others whether its while wearing Aver or just a normal day! 

(Mental Health Info- rtor.org) 

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